Now, more than ever, it is so important to keep in touch with each other, whether that’s with customers, pupils, friends, or colleagues.

Print can bring a smile, spread a positive message, and even make us laugh! In the age of Zoom calls, Teams meetings, and Slack chats, a thoughtful printed item can bring entertainment, information and take us away from our screens for 5 minutes.

Here’s how the power of print can be harnessed to spread positivity…

Keeping in Touch

Due to the current climate and lockdown 3.0, now is the perfect time to show your customers that you are still in business, and what better way to do this than with a personalised ‘keep in touch’ card? Research shows that printed marketing material still represents a brand better than its digital counterpart. Readers are more likely to pay attention and recognize a brand when it is viewed in a printed format.

A well thought out keep in touch card can help to drive business and remind your clients that you are still there to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a great range of business cards that are ideal for this means of communication. Consider adding foiling or Spot UV to bring a sprinkling of style to your message!

Positive Postcards

Postcards are simple, effective, and fun! Who doesn’t like to receive a postcard from a loved one on holiday? They’re lighter hearted and warmer than a business card with more room for information. Postcards are perfect for a direct mailer to pass a small message on to a larger audience.  A quick message to the teams working from home, thanking them for their hard work, is sure to put a smile on their faces.

How to Use Print to Motivate Staff

More of us are working from home than ever before which can lead to a feeling of disconnect between staff at times. No amount of Zoom calls or Google hangouts can substitute for face-to-face communication.  A quick note from a management team, thanking staff for their hard work, can boost motivation and improve staff morale. Compliment slips offer the perfect solution; send a quick note along with a box of chocolates to bring back the smiles.

Positive Outreach Content For Your Customers

You’re not the only one who can use print to spread positivity, your end customers can too! Helping them to reach out and spread positive messages could improve engagement with your customers , suppliers, and key colleagues.

Use Flyers and folded Leaflets to spread the news of an upcoming sale, or just as a friendly nudge to remind people that you are there.

On a larger scale, our A-Frames or Bollard covers could help advertise that you are still standing and still serving your local community Or, if you’re looking to spread positivity around the office, we suggest Whiteboards that you can update with a daily message of positivity, or some motivational Posters to hang and brighten the feel of the office?

Positive Print for Pupils

Spare a thought for the kids who are schooling from home at the moment, a concept they could have only dreamed of a year ago has become a stark reality.  Work to break the monotony of life in lockdown. Perhaps you could create a fun selection of worksheets on A4 Flyers to bring a light-hearted feel to lessons, or a stapled Booklet to keep their notes in order, or even a Diary so they can keep track of lessons.

For more business advice relating to the pandemic contact us at as we’re full of helpful tips on how to make the most of any opportunities you might come across.