Anti-Bac Lamination

More Anti-Bac Lamination Options!

In a year where many of us have become more health-aware, we’re excited to extend our anti-bacterial lamination range. With a sophisticated matt finish, this lamination is designed to kill 99% of bacteria using the natural anti-bac properties of silver!

We recommend this choice for print destined to live in medical environments, like GP surgeries, or any print that will be handled by lots of different people.

Such as…

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Menus
  • Table Talkers
  • Tent Cards

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Covid Catalogue Bounce

Covid Catalogue Bounce

Yet more evidence has recently been published to confirm, despite the surge in online shopping, catalogues too are enjoying a renaissance.

We’re biased, of course, as that’s one of our key areas of expertise, but don’t take our word for it.

First up was the article in The Guardian late last year informing readers that, with more shops closed, brands were turning to catalogues to reach consumers stuck at home and, potentially, with more time on their hands.

The article gives examples from retailers including clothing brand Jigsaw with the boss saying “It’s a brilliant way of keeping a brand front of mind during lockdown. On average, people will spend three or six minutes on a website but a catalogue or direct mail can lie on a coffee table for a month to six weeks. If there’s something you quite liked you can keep going back.”

Another premium homewares brand, Cox & Cox, is quoted as saying “A far lower proportion of people open an email or click on an online ad than pick up and keep a catalogue. By combining a variety of channels you can not only reinforce your message but also increase your chances of catching people at just the right time.”

Next came evidence reported by Direct Commerce Magazine at the start of February that catalogues are making a steady revival and confirming, yet again, that they stay in the home and are not exclusive to an older generation.

The writer, vastly experienced industry insider and Editor, Jane Revell-Higgins, reports that “Many D2C retailers acknowledge that their response rates have spiralled, that their most profitable customers are recruited from print marketing, and that demand for products featured in catalogues and off the page advertising keeps growing.”You can read the full article by signing up for a free 30-day trial of the website.

Finally, the latest positive news was reported by Decision Marketing that mail order catalogues enjoyed a Covid ‘bounce’ of almost 350% last year despite the continued rise of ecommerce.

The article quotes our own client, Nigel Swabey, the man behind the Scotts & Co stable of brands as saying that “the response of personally addressed advertising mail is now greater than ever”.

He continues: “Consumers are going to be spending more time at home in future. With so many having discovered the sheer convenience of direct home shopping over the past six months, the response to personally-addressed advertising mail is now greater than ever.”

Even specialist home and garden magazines have enjoyed an upturn in circulation figures as reported by the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) consumer magazine reports.

With more families at home with time on their hands, fewer leaflets are going straight in the bin. According to research by Royal Mail, 88% of people surveyed said they paid as much or more attention to mail during lockdown.

And with a spending boom reported to be happening as Lockdown lifts now is the time to add print to your marketing mix.

If you want some advice on exploring this lucrative avenue, we have experience in producing printed matter from design to door drop so do give us a call on 01789 601090 or drop us an email at

Egg-cellent Easter format ideas to drive engagement and sales

Spring is almost here and with it the Easter celebrations.

Use this time of year to intrigue, excite and engage your customers with your products and offers.

We have a whole range of products including:

  • Shaped mailings to stand out on the door mat
  • Peel and reveal to add intrigue and interaction to your mailing
  • Edge-cut mailings to entice customers to investigate offers and promotions

We will also help design your campaign to support your brand and drive sales.

Contact us at to discuss your requirements.

How to Spread Positivity With Print

Now, more than ever, it is so important to keep in touch with each other, whether that’s with customers, pupils, friends, or colleagues.

Print can bring a smile, spread a positive message, and even make us laugh! In the age of Zoom calls, Teams meetings, and Slack chats, a thoughtful printed item can bring entertainment, information and take us away from our screens for 5 minutes.

Here’s how the power of print can be harnessed to spread positivity…

Keeping in Touch

Due to the current climate and lockdown 3.0, now is the perfect time to show your customers that you are still in business, and what better way to do this than with a personalised ‘keep in touch’ card? Research shows that printed marketing material still represents a brand better than its digital counterpart. Readers are more likely to pay attention and recognize a brand when it is viewed in a printed format.

A well thought out keep in touch card can help to drive business and remind your clients that you are still there to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a great range of business cards that are ideal for this means of communication. Consider adding foiling or Spot UV to bring a sprinkling of style to your message!

Positive Postcards

Postcards are simple, effective, and fun! Who doesn’t like to receive a postcard from a loved one on holiday? They’re lighter hearted and warmer than a business card with more room for information. Postcards are perfect for a direct mailer to pass a small message on to a larger audience.  A quick message to the teams working from home, thanking them for their hard work, is sure to put a smile on their faces.

How to Use Print to Motivate Staff

More of us are working from home than ever before which can lead to a feeling of disconnect between staff at times. No amount of Zoom calls or Google hangouts can substitute for face-to-face communication.  A quick note from a management team, thanking staff for their hard work, can boost motivation and improve staff morale. Compliment slips offer the perfect solution; send a quick note along with a box of chocolates to bring back the smiles.

Positive Outreach Content For Your Customers

You’re not the only one who can use print to spread positivity, your end customers can too! Helping them to reach out and spread positive messages could improve engagement with your customers , suppliers, and key colleagues.

Use Flyers and folded Leaflets to spread the news of an upcoming sale, or just as a friendly nudge to remind people that you are there.

On a larger scale, our A-Frames or Bollard covers could help advertise that you are still standing and still serving your local community Or, if you’re looking to spread positivity around the office, we suggest Whiteboards that you can update with a daily message of positivity, or some motivational Posters to hang and brighten the feel of the office?

Positive Print for Pupils

Spare a thought for the kids who are schooling from home at the moment, a concept they could have only dreamed of a year ago has become a stark reality.  Work to break the monotony of life in lockdown. Perhaps you could create a fun selection of worksheets on A4 Flyers to bring a light-hearted feel to lessons, or a stapled Booklet to keep their notes in order, or even a Diary so they can keep track of lessons.

For more business advice relating to the pandemic contact us at as we’re full of helpful tips on how to make the most of any opportunities you might come across.

Sharpe Print Ltd

The print industry’s BOUNCE BACK starts here and now

Alongside the challenges, the global coronavirus pandemic has brought opportunities for forward-thinking and agile businesses in the print sector to reassert and strengthen the position of printed media in the marketing mix.

The print industry’s BOUNCE BACK starts here and now…

Alongside the challenges, the global coronavirus pandemic has brought opportunities for forward-thinking and agile businesses in the print sector to reassert and strengthen the position of printed media in the marketing mix.

The ‘new normal’ has undoubtedly presented businesses with the need to find a new way of doing things – from how they supply their customers to the products and services they provide to them. Resilience and tenacity have been key in the survival of many, along with the ability to react and evolve quickly, as demonstrated by initiatives such as Bounce Back UK which offered a service providing free local listings and Covid-19 posters to support local businesses and keep communities safe.

One of the major challenges has been the change in the industry landscape, with sectors such as retail being hard hit as many ‘non-essential’ shops were forced to close. The way that events and conferences could be run also presented challenges for event organisers, and reduced the demand for print and signage in this sector, but at the same time presented opportunity as virtual events appeared, creating a need for pop-up displays, backdrops and ‘scenery’ to help create more of an engaging, aesthetic experience for the virtual attendees.

“The direct mail piece needs to be simple yet clever, the messaging succinct and memorable, and the print media needs to consider quality, consistency and sustainability”

Opportunity has also presented itself in the demand for packaging, labels and stickers, as hospitality businesses diversified into the takeaway trade, and a sharp increase in new start-ups, such as construction and landscaping businesses, emerged requiring door-drop flyers, business cards and brochures.

More than ever before businesses have had to be agile and adapt quickly, and in this predominantly digital world, the bounce back for print is a testing route. In many ways reinvention is key in order to ‘survive and thrive’, with difficult decisions having to be made along the way.

How has direct mail changed in 2020?

With change certainly comes opportunity, and one area that’s shown promise throughout the coronavirus pandemic is that of direct mail. Initially concerns were expressed about virus transmission from mail, but after the World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both confirmed no reported coronavirus transmission from a magazine, letter or package, direct mail was confirmed to be safe.

Not-for-profit industry organisation Two Sides produced an article on the facts relating to Covid-19 transmission through paper and cardboard surfaces.

Lockdown was reported to have been a contributor to the increase in direct mail activity, with mail interaction up by 14% according to the Joint Industry Committee for Mail. The transition to remote working for many office jobs meant that brands and businesses had an almost captive audience to market to.

In April this year, nearly half (46.6%) of people in employment in the UK did some of their work from home, the majority of which had an increased exposure to digital advertising, and for many, no doubt digital fatigue started to creep in. Paper and print prove to offer a far more tangible, authentic experience. Not only do they provide a welcome break from screen time, but they give people the opportunity to digest information in a different way. Picking up a magazine or brochure can be far more powerful than an online display or banner advert that gets lost among the digital noise.

Many businesses gambled with ‘lockdown’ as more of a digital opportunity. They increased their online ad spend to position their brand while there was a surge in online traffic, but with people suffering from digital overload and with remote working now becoming the norm, businesses trying to cut through the noise were finding that messages quickly became blurred and often ignored. Reinvention and innovation are now needed to reach the target audience and be successfully heard.

Who’s mailing?

There are distinct industries that have thrived during the pandemic and have taken advantage of the direct mail opportunity, sending out vouchers, discounts and personalised offers to consumers and reaping the rewards.

Supermarkets, ‘meal-kit’ recipe box delivery services, health and wellbeing products, financial services (mortgage, banking and debt relief) and insurance services (health, vehicle, medical and life) were at the forefront of marketing through the crisis, using direct mail as the tool to talk to existing customers and prospects.

Identifying opportunity

GlobalWebIndex research indicates 85% of consumers are ready to see brands get back to normal, and it’s down to printers and marketing agencies to give businesses tangible ideas that can be brought to life and delivered to the hands of prospects.

This presents an opportunity for paper and print to step into the limelight and show the combined power that it can deliver when done well.


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Carbon Brief Analysis: Coronavirus set to cause largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions

Decision Marketing Direct mail and door-drops shine during Covid times

Sequel Response The state of direct mail during Covid-19, and beyond

Royal Mail MarketReach How mail can support brands during Covid-19 and beyond

Keep your premises stay COVID Safe

Here at SHARPEPRINT we are continually producing products to help keep your premises stay COVID Safe.

Products include:


And much more!  Contact us at to discuss your requirements.

We can also offer FREE DESIGN & UK DELIVERY

Business Stationery for a new start in 2021

Hello again! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

It’s officially time to press restart.

Last year may not have gone to plan but this is a chance for us all to get back on that horse and rebuild.

To kick things off, how about a fresh new set of Business Stationery?

We can also offer free design & delivery anywhere in the UK.

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Folders
  • Flyers
  • FREE Design & Delivery (UK)

“Merry Christmas” and “Thank You” to our customers and colleagues from SHARPE PRINT.

January 2020 began with excitement and anticipation for new challenges ahead but no one could have foreseen that by mid-March, all our priorities had completely changed.

But once the health and well-being of our team was established following the Covid-19 outbreak, our focus turned to ensuring our business was resilient for the challenges ahead.

We quickly refocused our strategy around three pillars –

• Taking care of our staff.
• Taking care of our customers.
• Taking care of our business.

We have worked quickly to create a safe working environment for our employees.  And through determined effort and perseverance, we managed to keep the business open throughout the pandemic and so helped our customers stay open.  This has manifested in a stronger collaboration and partnership working with our staff and our customers so thank you!

We take pride in the fact that we played a part in producing work directly focused on the battle against Covid-19.  We also used this period to reorganise our company and invest in new technology which will help to maintain our competitiveness in the years to come.

We are excellently placed for the expected return to a “closer to normal” trading, which we are hopeful will emerge with a vaccination rollout from early 2021 onwards.

Covid-19 has taught us all a valuable lesson: The greatest wealth is health.

In prioritising that approach, we have been so pleased with the collaboration demonstrated by our staff and our customers during these unprecedented times.

I would like to thank you all for your patience, loyalty and your business in 2020.

I wish you and your families a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2021.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay safe,

Jonathan Sharpe

Bollard Covers - 3-sided (Triangular) or 4-sided (Square)

Captivate passers-by with our Bollard Covers which are now avaialble at SHARPE PRINT

As part of our impressive display product range, you can use these decorative bollard covers as an unmissable marketing tool to get your message seen whatever the angle.

Printed on hard wearing Correx and using the latest  technology, your images are brought to life with astounding colour and vibrancy for that long-lasting wow factor.

Key Features:

  • Custom printed sleeves turn bollards or lamp posts into advertising space
  • Fits easily over the top of your existing bollards
  • Fully waterproof 4mm thick Correx board material
  • Direct to panel printing using fade-resistant latex inks
  • Choose 3-sided (triangular) or 4-sided (square) wraps
  • 800, 1000 and 1200mm heights available
  • Show a different design on each side of the bollard cover
  • Assemble in seconds without the need for tools

As well as our bollard pole covers, our pop-up displays and exhibition stands might also be of interest to you?

Sharpe Print Ltd

Kraft Paper Bags

Our Kraft paper bags are very trendy at the moment.

The paper bag is the perfect replacement for the environmentally unfriendly plastic bag.

We print your design with the lowest prices on colourful paper bags with twisted handles.

  • Available from 100 pieces.
  • Print single-sided or double-sided
  • Printed in Pantone colours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in many colourful options